The Buff Assassin ( Book 16 )

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12/3/20232 min read

The Buff Assassin ( Book 16 )

Dimitrov 'Lucifer' Okawmmay. There's not much we know about this member of the Okawmmay family. He's silent but loud- he lets his actions speak for him. He holds secrets close to his chest that only God and the Devil know about. He's emotionless when it comes to anything besides his family. His eyes are filled with hate, his heart as cold as the Arctic circle. He's the complete opposite than most of his cousins, he doesn't crave power. He doesn't crave respect, matter of fact he doesn't crave anything.

He loves the thrill of putting fear in others. He's the one that's called when they need something done, a trained assassin that doesn't think twice before he pulls the trigger or tortures those on his hit list. He walks the night like a leopard hunting his prey- without a fear in the world for the first 37 years of his life he comes face to face with FEAR. But, only this time he doesn't see the bullet coming.

Nyla Zimbabwe. Model turned news anchor for CNN International. With a target on her back for entering the world of politics, she finds herself in the middle of controversy with another news anchor from Fox News, Alyssa Johnson. There's many secrets that lie with Nyla, she's quiet but very outspoken. The most contagious smile, beautiful eyes and the confidence that every woman wishes they possessed. She comes from the Zimbabwe family- her cousin being the head of security for the Okawmmay Family has it's perks.

But there are secrets that Nyla holds close to her chest. She decided to follow in her cousin's footsteps. She's here in New York on a mission, she's not here to make friends and to become the next Katie Couric. She's here to take out an assassin, a handsome and well aware of his surroundings- assassin. The one and only Dimitrov Okawmmay. She prides herself on doing her job perfectly. She will manipulate anyone she needs to get the job done. But she soon realizes that this mission is not as easy as she thought it would be.

Dimitrov is charming, he wraps you around his finger and watches you struggle to break free. What happens when he finds out that she's the one behind his attempted murder? Will he take her out or will the plan crumble entirely?